Phantoms defenceman, Scott Robson, is working hard to make his return to the Phantoms line up as soon as he can. 

The 24-year-old has been missing with a knee injury since the start of November, when an awkward hit sent him tumbling into the boards, feet first. He admits he is frustrated to have missed so much hockey, but he is pleased to see his teammates doing well. 

“I’ve been out for a long time, but the guys have done well all year so far, defensively and offensively, so they haven’t missed me at all. But I’m still in the room, helping out Slava the best I can so I’m involved still, but it’s not good watching from the stands, but it is what it is.” Robson said. 

Robson has been going through recovery and rehabilitation since he sustained his injury, and despite a number of setbacks, he is hoping to be back on the ice and in a Phantoms jersey, soon. 

“After the hit on my knee, I knew something was wrong straight away, but I wanted to be back soon as possible and it is frustrating because up until about a month ago I was ready to get back on the ice, I skated a few times and then had a couple of bad reactions. It’s very frustrating, coming to the rink and seeing the guys go onto the ice and not being able to join them, I miss that part of it. My rehab off the ice has gone pretty well. I skated last Friday and I’m going to skate again this week, so depending on what the reaction is, I’ll take it easy and I’ve got an MRI coming up soon but hopefully I’ll be back sooner rather than later.”

Recent weeks have seen the Phantoms take on all of the teams around them in the table, including two local derbies against the Milton Keynes Lightning. Robson is disappointed to have missed out on such big games, the games, he says, everyone wants to be involved in. 

“There are big games every week at the moment and they’re the reason why we play the game, other than cup finals and games like that. We all always want to be involved in the big games with the big atmospheres and it’s been hard having to sit out. But I just have to focus on trying to get back on the ice sooner rather than later.” Robbo said. 

Despite not being on the ice, Robson is still helping out off the ice. 

“I’ve been watching all the games and making notes to help out the coaching staff. They all have a good level of trust in my opinion and I know my opinion is valued so it’s good to be able to help. If they miss anything or I pick up on something during a game, I let them know so they can let the guys know. It’s not ideal compared to being on the ice playing but it’s making the best of a bad situation.” Said the Phantoms defenceman. 

Robson also had his say on last weekend’s games, and the weekend ahead, with Raiders and Bees up next. 

“We probably haven’t had much puck luck in the last few games. For one reason or another the puck isn’t going in for us as much as it was. At times at the weekend, guys on the other team were outworking us when we usually pride ourselves on working harder than the opposition. We’ve got away from Slava’s tactics and advice in the last few weeks and that shows in the results, so we need to get back to that as soon as possible.” Said Robson. 

“This weekend I think it’s about correcting our mistakes and making sure we don’t do the wrong things again. Raiders and Bracknell are both hard working teams so we need to make sure we reach the levels we know we can. We need to get back to basics and just make sure we follow the game plan that Slava puts in place. If we do that, we’ll give ourselves a good chance of getting back to the kind of form we were in, earlier in the season.” Robson concluded. 

For tickets to Saturday’s home game against the Raiders, click HERE, or purchase them from the Planet Ice Box Office upon arrival at the rink. Doors open at 6pm, with face off at 7pm. 

If you would like to travel to Bracknell on Sunday night to support the Phantoms against the Bees, email Face off at the Hive on Sunday is at 5:30pm. 

If you are unable to attend the game, full match updates will be found on Twitter, @GoPhantoms.