Read the reports of all the action from this weekend’s games as the Phantoms took to the ice for the first time since March 2020. 

Saturday – Milton Keynes Lightning 6-1 Peterborough Phantoms

The Phantoms suffered a difficult defeat in their first game back after 18 months at the hands of local rivals Milton Keynes Lightning. 

Bobby Chamberlain gave the home side the lead before Sam Talbot doubled MKL’s advantage with just over 15 minutes played.

Tom Norton answered straight back with a power play bullet to send the Phantoms in to the first intermission down by one.

But that was as good as it got on the night, with Sean Norris and two Russell Cowley efforts putting the game out of reach with 20 minutes still to play.

Cowley scored the lone goal of the third period to seal his hat-trick and a 6-1 win for MKL on their own return to home ice.


11:24 (MK 1-0 PP): #10 Bobby Chamberlain / #17 Russell Cowley (EHG)

15:19 (MK 2-0 PP): #98 Sam Talbot (SHG)

15:50 (MK 2-1 PP): #2 Tom Norton / #93 Ales Padelek / #72 Glenn Billing (PPG)

31:40 (MK 3-1 PP): #17 Russell Cowley / #10 Bobby Chamberlain / #71 Edgars Landsbergs (EHG)

32:26 (MK 4-1 PP): #86 Sean Norris / #48 Adam Laishram (SHG)

39:34 (MK 5-1 PP): #17 Russell Cowley / #71 Edgars Landsbergs / #48 Adam Laishram (PPG) 

55:40 (MK 6-1 PP): #17 Russell Cowley / #48 Adam Laishram / #10 Bobby Chamberlain (EHG)

MKL Man of the Match: #17 Russell Cowley

Phantoms Man of the Match: #72 Glenn Billing

Sunday – Peterborough Phantoms 5-6 Milton Keynes Lightning (After Overtime)

Sunday night saw the Phantoms take to home ice for the first time in 546 days in front of an excited crowd at Planet Ice Peterborough.

But the opening exchanges didn’t go to plan as Callum Field and Hallden Barnes-Garner put MKL two ahead with just 5:04 on the clock. Phantoms weathered the storm without creating too much themselves to go into the first break two behind.

Sam Talbot struck early in the second to make it 3-0, before Ales Padelek fired home a power play goal to get the Phantoms up and running. Glenn Billing notched the Phantoms’ second, only for Bobby Chamberlain to extend the advantage back to two at the end of the second period.

But the Phantoms came out firing in the third, with Billing collecting his second of the night after good work from Padelek. Duncan Speirs levelled the scores with his first for the club and one he’ll likely remember for some time. He gained the zone on the right wing and lasered his shot right into the top corner to tie the game.

Talbot got his second of the night just 35 seconds later to put MKL 5-4 ahead, only for Luc Johnson to grab his first goal in Phantoms colours to send the game into overtime.

The overtime period was an evenly matched affair, but when Morgan Clarke-Pizzo sat a hooking penalty, MKL made the most of the man advantage to seal the win in the bonus frame.


3:25 (PP 0-1 MK): #11 Callum Field / #10 Bobby Chamberlain (EHG)

5:04 (PP 0-2 MK): #14 Hallden Barnes-Garner / #71 Edgars Landbergs / #28 Zaine McKenzie (EHG) 

24:53 (PP 0-3 MK): #98 Sam Talbot / #86 Sean Norris / #25 Ed Knaggs (EHG) 

32:49 (PP 1-3 MK): #93 Ales Padelek / #21 Luc Johnson / #72 Glenn Billing (PPG)

38:34 (PP 2-3 MK): #72 Glenn Billing / #93 Ales Padelek (SHG)

39:10 (PP 2-4 MK): #10 Bobby Chamberlain / #17 Russell Cowley (PPG)

44:53 (PP 3-4 MK): #72 Glenn Billing / #93 Ales Padelek (EHG) 

47:35 (PP 4-4 MK): #38 Duncan Speirs / #72 Glenn Billing (EHG)

48:10 (PP 4-5 MK): #98 Sam Talbot / #86 Sean Norris / #48 Adam Laishram (EHG) 

56:10 (PP 5-5 MK): #21 Luc Johnson / #75 Ross Clarke (EHG)

63:55 (PP 5-6 MK): #10 Bobby Chamberlain / #48 Adam Laishram (PPG)

Phantoms Man of the Match: #72 Glenn Billing

MKL Man of the Match: #98 Sam Talbot