The Peterborough DALROD Phantoms visited GAME at Serpentine Green to celebrate the launch of EA Sports’ latest edition of the NHL computer game. 

Nathan Pollard, Callum Buglass, Scott Robson and Jordan Marr attended the event and played against a number of young Phantoms fans. 

The event began with Buglass claiming a victory for the Phantoms, and that was followed up by Jordan Marr, who won his game. 

The “King of NHL”, Nathan Pollard, then stepped up, but suffered a 4-0 defeat to his opponent, Louis Allen. 

“It was great to see some Phantoms fans come and show us their NHL skills. Robbo, Marrsy, Callum and I enjoyed ourselves and I think the fans did too! Thanks to GAME for having us!” Pollard said. 

Scott Robson got the Phantoms back to winning ways before Marr, Pollard and Buglass all claimed victories in their remaining games. 

Serpentine Green’s Head of Operations, Steve Coulson, said: “It was great to see Jordan, Robbo, Nathan and Callum in GAME, taking the fans on in the new NHL20 game at Serpentine Green. I think it took the self-proclaimed “King of NHL” some time to warm up after a bit of a wobbly start. Glad Slava wasn’t watching some of the performances as they would be getting some extra ice time training. As I predicted, the fans came out on top from my vantage point. Thanks to Tom and Emily for arranging this with Serpentine Green and GAME.”

Our thanks go to GAME and Serpentine Green for hosting the event, and the fans who came along to play against the Phantoms stars!