Raiders 4-7 Peterborough Phantoms

The Peterborough Phantoms bounced back from Saturday night’s defeat with a win in Romford on Sunday night. 

Raiders took the lead through Jake Sylvester with 6:44 played in the first period, before Blaho Novak made it 2-0, just 30 seconds later. 

Martins Susters pulled a goal back for the Phantoms with 13:07 on the clock, after scrambling home from close range. 

Ales Padelek levelled the scores with four seconds left in the first period, blasting the puck beyond Greg Blais after Will Weldon’s face off win. 

Aaron Connolly put the Raiders back in front with a short-handed goal, but Corey McEwen made it 3-3 around 7 minutes later with a well worked goal.

Phantoms went ahead for the first time in the game through Nathan Pollard, who took a pass from Petr Stepanek to tuck beyond Blais from a tight angle.  

Robbie Ferrara got the third period off to the best possible start at 42:31, when he found himself with time and space on the doorstep to slam the puck home. 

Pollard scored again with 43:17 played, this time taking a Jarvis Hunt assist to continue his productive recent form in front of goal. 

The game paused with 13:05 to play in the third after a piece of the plexi smashed. After a stoppage, the game resumed with Phantoms three goals ahead. 

Connolly scored his second of the night for the Raiders with 50:30 played. He took a pass from Ollie Baldock and pulled a clever move on Jordan Marr before slotting the puck into the net. 

McEwen rounded off the scoring with a fine effort which saw him dangle around two defenceman and the goalie, before finding twine with his shot. 

Raiders goals:

6:44 (LR 1-0 PP): #29 Jake Sylvester / #55 Sean Barry (EHG) 

7:14 (LR 2-0 PP): #89 Blaho Novak / #15 JJ Pitchley / #22 Mason Webster (EHG)

23:43 (LR 3-2 PP): #63 Aaron Connolly / #51 Erik Piatak / #13 Dan Scott (SHG)

50:30 (LR 4-6 PP): #63 Aaron Connolly / #24 Ollie Baldock (PPG) 

Phantoms goals:

13:07 (LR 2-1 PP): #77 Martins Susters / #71 Corey McEwen / #40 Petr Stepanek (EHG) 

19:56 (LR 2-2 PP): #93 Ales Padelek / #29 Will Weldon (EHG)

31:03 (LR 3-3 PP): #71 Corey McEwen / #40 Petr Stepanek / #77 Martins Susters (EHG)

33:35 (LR 3-4 PP): #12 Nathan Pollard / #40 Petr Stepanek / #34 Josh Tetlow (EHG) 

42:31 (LR 3-5 PP): #37 Robbie Ferrara / #29 Will Weldon / #17 James Ferrara (EHG)

43:41 (LR 3-6 PP): #12 Nathan Pollard / #96 Jarvis Hunt (EHG) 

53:57 (LR 4-7 PP): #71 Corey McEwen / #77 Martins Susters / #34 Josh Tetlow (EHG)

Raiders man of the match: #63 Aaron Connolly

Phantoms man of the match: #12 Nathan Pollard