On Friday afternoon, the Peterborough DALROD Phantoms made a donation to William Law Primary School ahead of their annual Christmas Bazaar. 

A couple of weeks ago, Phantoms’ PR & Media Relations Officer, Tom Lea, was made aware of a couple of pupils who had been calling local businesses to try and gain donations for their stall at the event. Unfortunately, despite their entrepreneurship and outside of the box thinking, they were not able to get any donations.

A Facebook post then went out, asking local businesses for donations to the stall, and the Phantoms came to the aid of the school. 

Phantoms goalie Jordan Marr, and Tom Lea, visited the school on Friday afternoon to make the donation to the pupils ahead of the event. 

Marr said: “It was great to go in and make the donation for the schools’ event. It was a shame the pupils didn’t have any luck when they rang up some businesses but we’re glad we were able to help!” 

The Phantoms donated a number of items which the pupils were looking for. These included selection boxes, chocolate, marshmallows, toffee sauce, plastic cups and plastic spoons.

Sarah Crown is the mother of one of the pupils and put out the Facebook post on their behalf. She said: “We are completely overwhelmed at the generosity of the Peterborough Phantoms. It’s great to see our local team supporting the local community in this way. My son and his friends were struggling to get support for their school Christmas bazaar stall. However, the Peterborough Phantoms were one of the first businesses to step up and pledge their support. Their chocolate donations will go towards their stand to help them raise money for the school. It’s really great to see such support and you have made these boys very happy!”

The bazaar will take place at the school tonight. Good luck to everyone involved in the running of the event, and a very Merry Christmas from everyone at the Peterborough DALROD Phantoms!