In the final presentation of our 2019/20 awards ceremony, we’re pleased to announce that we have four winners of the Unsung Hero award.

At the end of each season, we usually honour one person who gives up their time to dedicate themselves to our club, those people who we know we can rely on, those people who really make the club tick.

This season, as we have four key members of our group of volunteers stepping back from their roles, we’d like to honour all four of them for their hard work, commitment and dedication to Phantoms match nights for many, many years.

Irene Amos

Irene has been a regular fixture on the timekeepers’ bench for many years, filling out the sheet, working closely with Cliff Smith, Alan Downie and Aaron Shortland to ensure the smooth running of the timekeepers bench each weekend. Irene has headed up the team of off-ice officials since 1996 but has been dedicated to Peterborough Hockey for much longer than that. She’s been a parent of players and of course a dedicated fan of our club and we appreciate everything she has done for Peterborough Hockey.

Derek Mabe

Derek will also be stepping down from his role as the goal judge at the café end of Planet Ice Peterborough. Derek has been the goal judge at that end of the rink for many years and has lit the lamp for thousands of goals. Derek will have been most well known for being the goal judge at Phantoms 1 games, but he also committed himself to the same role with the Phantoms 2 team, rarely missing a game. Derek and his family have been die hard Phantoms fans for as long as many of us can remember. 

Tom Scott

Tom was the club’s official photographer until the end of the 2019/20 season, mostly capturing all the action from between the benches. Tom has dedicated many hours at the rink and many, many more in editing all the pictures after each game. In his early days as a fan of Peterborough Hockey, Tom formed part of the massive ‘Animal Corner’ following, travelling home and away to watch the Pirates and the Phantoms. He has many a story from his double away weekends in Scotland and he’s been completely in love with ice hockey in Peterborough since he was young. His next step was taking up photography and turning his hand to travelling the country to shoot games for the much-loved ice hockey magazine, PowerPlay. He then became the Official Photographer for the Phantoms, Phantoms 2 and junior hockey. All of the action shot photos you see across our website and social media were taken by Tom, he’s been a fantastic part of our team for a long time and we are pleased to be able to honour him with this award alongside Irene, Derek and Diane.

Diane Scott

Diane started her volunteer days selling PowerPlay magazine on match nights a number of years ago. The Phantoms programme was wrapped around the outside of the magazine. After PowerPlay folded, Diane was not content with sitting back, she was eager to help where she could. So once HockeyDog opened its doors, she became the known face behind the desk of HD on match nights, assisting with sales of Phantoms merchandise to our loyal fan base. Since then, she’s been behind the desk on almost every match night since the store opened and has become very well known by everyone who uses the HockeyDog store for her determination to deliver the best possible customer service, to put a smile on the face of anyone whom she encountered.

Phantoms owners, Jo and Dave Lane, said the following about our four unsung heroes: “Irene, Derek, Tom and Diane have been brilliant to work with and have around the rink with the club for many years. We’re really appreciative of the time and efforts they have dedicated to our club and we’re really pleased to be able to honour the four of you for those efforts. We can’t run without match night volunteers and the four of you have helped massively to make everything run smoothly for many years now. Thank you to the four of you for everything you’ve done for ice hockey in Peterborough!” 

Irene, Derek, Tom and Diane have been an absolute pleasure to work with for many years and thoroughly deserve the break they are now going to get on match nights. They deserve to be recognised for their efforts and we’re thrilled to be able to present them all with the unsung hero awards for 2019/20!

Irene, Derek, Tom and Diane – thank you for everything, for your hard work, efforts and commitment to our club – we really appreciate it and we hope that firstly, you enjoy a well-earned break and secondly, you come back and enjoy the games with us as fans.

Congratulations to Irene Amos, Derek Mabe, Tom Scott and Diane Scott!