New Era, New Logo, New Jerseys!

The Peterborough Phantoms are excited to reveal our brand new jerseys for the 2021/22 season!

Featuring our new logo and the logo of our premier sponsor, Sycamore Peterborough, the white jersey will be our home jersey for the first portion of the season, whilst the navy jersey will be seen on the road for the first half of the season. Then, mid-season, we will be switching into our navy jersey for home games and the white jersey will become our away game jersey.

2021/22 Home Jersey
2021/22 Away Jersey

We have a limited number of Own and Loan jerseys still available for fans to purchase, please email Jordan.Marr@GoPhantoms.co.uk to order yours!

Personalised Jerseys are available!

This year, in addition to replicas, we’ll also be producing Elite Pro Jerseys, made from the same material as the players’ match jerseys. These will be priced at £80 for a Phantoms players’ name and £90 for a personalised Elite Pro Jersey. These are available now on our online shop!

Replica jerseys are also on sale now on our online shop, where you can either order a jersey with your favourite players’ name, or a personalised jersey with a name and number of your choice!

Adult replica jerseys will be priced at £50, whilst children’s replicas will be on sale for £45. Personalised jerseys will be available for £60 for adults, £55 for children.

For more information, the sizing chart and to order your jerseys, visit our online shop HERE!

For any enquiries or to place an order without buying online, please email Jordan.marr@gophantoms.co.uk!