Peterborough Phantoms 6-1 Raiders

The Phantoms extended their winning run with a big victory over the Raiders on Sunday night. 

The game’s first action wasn’t a goal. After JJ Pitchley knocked the net onto Ryan Bainborough’s head, Will Weldon dropped the gloves with the Raiders’ #15. 

Robbie Ferrara gave the Phantoms the lead with the opening period’s only goal. The defenceman ghosted in at the back post and fired his shot into the top corner. 

Former Phantom, Erik Piatak, levelled the scores in the opening minute of the second period. Ryan Bainborough made the initial save, but Piatak was on hand to tap the rebound into the unguarded net. 

Weldon put the Phantoms back in front just moments later after taking a pass from Martins Susters and sending the puck into the top corner. 

Ales Padelek then scored one of the goals of the game. He showed his strength and perseverance to hold off Jacob Ranson, before cutting inside and beating Michael Gray at his near post. 

Petr Stepanek then added his name to the scoresheet after good work by Glenn Billing. Billing did well to send the puck across the crease for Stepanek to tap home. 

Billing got his own name on the scoresheet early in the third period after taking the puck to the backhand and slotting it past Gray and into the net. 

Joe Gretton and Mason Webster then tangled for the third time this season at the face off after the goal. 

The Phantoms’ sixth and final goal was another smart one. Work from Padelek and Joe Hazeldine put the puck on the plate for captain James Ferrara to smash into the back of the net. 

Phantoms goals: 

17:21 (PP 1-0 RR): #37 Robbie Ferrara / #93 Ales Padelek / #72 Glenn Billing (EHG) 

22:02 (PP 2-1 RR): #29 Will Weldon / #77 Martins Susters / #88 Conor Pollard (EHG)

27:03 (PP 3-1 RR): #93 Ales Padelek / #72 Glenn Billing / #2 Tom Norton (DPG) 

28:54 (PP 4-1 RR): #40 Petr Stepanek / #72 Glenn Billing / #13 Joe Hazeldine (EHG)

41:20 (PP 5-1 RR): #72 Glenn Billing / #2 Tom Norton / #17 James Ferrara (EHG) 

43:41 (PP 6-1 RR): #17 James Ferrara / #13 Joe Hazeldine / #93 Ales Padelek (EHG) 

Raiders goal: 

20:52 (PP 1-1 RR): #51 Erik Piatak / #63 Aaron Connolly / #10 Brandon Ayliffe (EHG)

Phantoms man of the match: #44 Ryan Bainborough 

Raiders man of the match: #51 Erik Piatak