Peterborough Phantoms 10-3 Swindon Wildcats

On an emotional night at Planet Ice Peterborough, we bid farewell to two legends of Peterborough Hockey in what could have been their final games for the club. 

And, if it was their last game, it was a stylish way to sign out. The Phantoms threw everything at the Wildcats and came away with a comprehensive victory. 

Former Phantom, Eddie Bebris, gave the Cats the lead with a smart finish from out in front of goal. 

Tyler VanKleef made it 2-0 moments later, before Glenn Billing struck in the final minute of the period to put the Phantoms back in with a chance.

Good work from Petr Stepanek and Nathan Pollard allowed Corey McEwen to rip home the equaliser from close range, early in the second period. 

Ales Padelek put the Phantoms ahead with a highlight reel goal. The Phantoms #93 controlled the puck with his skate before gaining the zone and sniping the puck right into the top corner. 

And he found the same corner just moments later to put the Phantoms 4-2 to the good. 

Cats goalie picked up a knock during the second period, meaning he was replaced by Tyler Perre for the rest of the game.

VanKleef scored his second of the night at 32:24 on the powerplay, but that was as good as it got for the Cats, as the Phantoms dominated the remainder of the game.

Jarvis Hunt made it 5-3 to the Phantoms in the final minute of the second period. The 18-year-old forward gained the zone and fired low into the bottom corner of Perre’s net. 

Ross Clarke scored his first Phantoms 1 goal of the season early in the third, firing the puck through the five hole of Perre and into the back of the net. 

Then came the moment everyone had hoped for – James Ferrara found the back of the net in what could be his final game of professional ice hockey. 

Glenn Billing added the Phantoms’ eighth goal with 45:51 played after dispossessing the Cats’ defenceman and scoring an unassisted goal.

Joe Hazeldine notched the ninth for the Phantoms, collecting a rebound to tap home into the empty net. 

And McEwen rounded off the scoring with another fine effort. He skated around the zone before turning and unleashing an unstoppable shot into the top corner. 

After the game, Phantoms fans stayed in their numbers to show their appreciation for the departing Ferrara brothers. After a couple of emotional speeches from the brothers, they took one last lap of honour and left the ice through a guard of honour, created by their Phantoms teammates. 

Congratulations on fantastic careers, James and Robbie Ferrara.

Phantoms goals:

19:04 (PP 1-2 SW): #72 Glenn Billing / #17 James Ferrara / #2 Tom Norton (PPG)

23:23 (PP 2-2 SW): #71 Corey McEwen / #40 Petr Stepanek / #12 Nathan Pollard (EHG)

26:40 (PP 3-2 SW): #93 Ales Padelek / #17 James Ferrara / #2 Tom Norton (EHG) 

29:10 (PP 4-2 SW): #93 Ales Padelek / #72 Glenn Billing / #17 James Ferrara (EHG)

39:41 (PP 5-3 SW): #96 Jarvis Hunt / #73 Gareth O’Flaherty / #11 Scott Robson (EHG)

42:37 (PP 6-3 SW): #75 Ross Clarke / #96 Jarvis Hunt (EHG)

42:51 (PP 7-3 SW): #17 James Ferrara / #93 Ales Padelek / #72 Glenn Billing (EHG)

45:41 (PP 8-3 SW): #72 Glenn Billing (unassisted) (EHG) 

46:10 (PP 9-3 SW): #13 Joe Hazeldine / #40 Petr Stepanek / #71 Corey McEwen (EHG) 

49:30 (PP 10-3 SW): #71 Corey McEwen / #40 Petr Stepanek / #12 Nathan Pollard (EHG) 

Wildcats goals: 

7:41 (PP 0-1 SW): #71 Eddie Bebris / #12 Floyd Taylor / #18 Loris Taylor (EHG)

12:22 (PP 0-2 SW): #36 Tyler VanKleef / #77 Ben Nethersell / #61 Sam Godfrey (EHG)

32:24 (PP 4-3 SW): #36 Tyler VanKleef / #19 Aaron Nell / #18 Loris Taylor (PPG) 

Phantoms men of the match: #17 James Ferrara & #37 Robbie Ferrara

Wildcats man of the match: #71 Eddie Bebris