This week, we move to a father and son pairing for the second edition of our Hockey Family series. We spoke to Corey and Doug McEwen about their relationship on and off the ice and the role hockey has played in making their bond so strong.

Doug is undoubtedly a legend of hockey in Peterborough and now Corey has the chance to write his own name into the Phantoms history books. In the year and a half Corey has been a senior Phantom, we’ve won three trophies and are into another cup final in the coming weeks. It’s been a good journey so far for our #71. 

Doug lives back in Canada, now, but is still Corey’s go to guy when it comes to hints and tips about how to improve his game. This started at a young age, when Corey watched all of Doug’s games and tried to apply some of his skills into his own game. And now, Doug still watches every Phantoms home game and tries to help his son out whenever he can. 

CM: When I was younger, I would watch all my dad’s home games in Peterborough. I do look up to my dad, I wanted to be a hockey player just like he was. Watching my dad over the years has helped me but talking and being on the ice with him has helped me much more. 

My dad has always been my coach, it doesn’t matter where we were, we would always be talking about hockey and how to get better. When we first moved to Peterborough that is when my hockey started to take off, with my dad playing for the Phantoms and myself playing for the youth team. He would have time to come on the ice with my team and help coach as much as he could. Once my dad retired, he then focused on coaching myself and the Peterborough youth teams.

To say my dad had an influence on my hockey career would be an understatement. My dad has done everything to help me and my career, and that continues today. 

DM: We are close, always have been, we all miss having him here but are happy he’s enjoying playing hockey over there. We look forward to him coming home after the season and have lots of time with all the family here, his nephews miss him and talk about playing hockey with him when he’s home. While he’s there we usually talk at least once a week and generally talk about hockey, we discuss the upcoming weekend games.

We watch all the games on the livestream, I definitely know when he’s on his game or not, he tends to overthink sometimes, so I help him with that, he’s a very skilled player but I do see things that he can or should be working on or that he is not doing as well as he can do. So, I correct these things, I give him options that he may have forgotten about, reminders and generally try to help him improve as much as I can from not being there.

Doug’s #7 jersey is up on the wall at Planet Ice Peterborough and it is something which fills both him and Corey with a huge sense of pride. Corey acknowledges the achievements of his dad before every home game and Doug is pleased his son now has the chance to play in a city which took Doug to their hearts. 

CM: During the national anthem here in Peterborough I always have a glance over at his jersey on the wall. It definitely feels good to see that up there, I know how much time and effect my dad has put towards hockey and it is great to have his hard work rewarded. 

DM: It’s great that Corey could finally come back to Peterborough as that’s where he started his hockey as a junior, I had some good years there and we have that connection now, it’s where he grew up and he has family there too.

The McEwen’s have always loved their hockey and no doubt, always will. Corey enjoyed many sports as a youngster, but once he got into hockey, there was no looking back. Doug was talented at both hockey and fastball, but hockey was the sport he really loved. 

CM: Once I started playing hockey, hockey has always been my main sport. As a child, I would play any sport possible. It didn’t matter what sport it was; I would want to play. I do really enjoy playing football, I would say that was my summer sport for a long time. Now, I tend to relax a bit more in the summer, I enjoy playing golf with my dad or friends. I spend a lot of time in the gym too, which limits the sports I can play in the summer. 

DM: Hockey was always the winter game for me, fastball was my summer game, I played as a catcher at a decent level, Senior A. I think both went well together as you need a great hand eye coordination for both. Then later on while I was in the UK, golf became my go to game after the season.

And Corey was keen to acknowledge to hours of dedication his dad and the rest of his family put in to help him develop into the hockey player he has become. 

CM: I think as a family we are all really close, me and my dad always had hockey to talk about and mum and sister had gymnastics. My dad has always taken care of me, taking me to the rink at early hours of the day and putting my hockey first. I would always look forward to seeing my dad when he got home to take me to practice. These are the times I will always treasure with my dad. 

Despite now living a number of hours apart, Corey and Doug McEwen share a strong bond which goes beyond hockey. But there is no doubt in either of their minds that the sport we all love has been a huge part in both of their lives and really helped with the bond they share. 

CM: Since I was born, hockey has always been my life. We are a hockey family; hockey has not only brought me and my dad together but the whole family. Whether its playing on the lake, or men’s league hockey tournaments, we will always bond over hockey. My favourite time will always be playing on the ice together with my dad. I will always be thankful for everything my dad has done for me, he has been my coach, teacher, friend, and the best dad. 

DM: Hockey has always been our common ground, he was at the rink from a couple days old, we were in Cardiff then and it was an amazing time to be playing hockey there, he grew up being taken to games, Watched us win trophies, joined in celebrations and started skating there.  I think he does regret not being pushed earlier as he once said to me ‘why didn’t you force me to play earlier’ but at the time he wasn’t really interested, so we waited! I would try to make him watch the NHL too when he was younger, but again wasn’t interested at all. That all changed as he matured, the older he got the more he would ask questions and want to sit and watch games, now he never hesitates to ask, wants to be the best he can be!  We will always have that hockey bond, we love to play together too, we’ve played in tournaments and pond hockey and always have so much fun!

If you are reading this, I would suggest that you also probably share a love of ice hockey. The sport has an ability to bring people together into a community; a family. It’s a sport which means so much to us all and Corey and Doug are certainly no exception to that. 

CM: I don’t know who I would be today if I had never played hockey, hockey is everything to me, and it was everything to my dad. I have my dad and his Canadian family to thank for my love of ice hockey. It never mattered what we were doing, hockey has always brought us all together. Me and my dad will share our experiences forever.  

DM: Ask my wife, she would tell you, I am either watching hockey, talking about or playing it! TV is on constantly every night with hockey during the NHL season and now with Corey being there, it’s a bonus that we are able to watch! Hockey has given me an amazing opportunity and so much enjoyment. I’ve travelled into Europe to play, I’ve met and played against NHL’ers and been part of winning teams, won major trophies, met amazing people, awesome fans who supported the teams and me. Hockey to me is the greatest team sport in the world and I feel privileged to be part of it!

It is clear to see that Corey and Doug McEwen share a really special bond which spans much further than ice hockey. But the sport we all love has given so much back to the McEwen’s and it is amazing to see how much of an impact it can have on the relationship people share. No matter who you play for or who you support, hockey is a family and it is an amazing one to be a part of. 

Our thanks go to Corey and Doug McEwen for their time in answering our questions!