Leeds Chiefs 2-9 Peterborough Phantoms

17-year-old forward, Jarvis Hunt, scored his first Peterborough Phantoms hat-trick as the Phantoms sailed to victory on Saturday night.

Phantoms were ahead after just 32 seconds when Ales Padelek picked out Will Weldon on the doorstep, and Weldon tapped the puck into the empty net. 

Hunt scored his first of the night when Corey McEwen went behind the goal with the puck, before putting it on a plate for Hunt to slam home. 

Hunt grabbed his second goal five minutes later, tapping in a rebound on the backhand after Sam Gospel’s initial save.

At 12:17, Tom Norton fired the Phantoms’ fourth goal into the top corner. 

Former Phantom James Archer put the Chiefs on the board with 15:31 played in the first period, reducing the deficit to three goals. 

Ales Padelek scored the first goal of the second period, taking the puck in close and biding his time to shoot as Gospel tried to make a sprawling save. He timed his shot to perfection and reinstated the Phantoms four goal lead.

Radek Meidl scored Leeds’ second of the game with a mis-hit shot which looped past Jordan Marr and into the back of the Phantoms net. 

Martins Susters got in on the act with 36:38 played, after cutting in from the right wing and firing past Gospel. 

Hunt completed his hat-trick at 43:55 on the powerplay. He found space out in front once again and lifted his shot over the shoulder of Gospel and into the top corner. 

Norton added his second of the game with 12 and a half minutes to play. He took the puck down the right wing and went to the backhand to find the roof of the net. 

Padelek rounded off the scoring as the Phantoms eased to another two points in the league and cup!

Chiefs goals:

15:31 (LC 1-4 PP): #2 James Archer / #4 Sam Zajac / #81 Radek Meidl (EHG)

30:30 (LC 2-5 PP): #81 Radek Meidl / #2 James Archer / #44 Luke Boothroyd (EHG)

Phantoms goals:

00:32 (LC 0-1 PP): #29 Will Weldon / #93 Ales Padelek / #17 James Ferrara (EHG)

4:29 (LC 0-2 PP): #96 Jarvis Hunt / #71 Corey McEwen / #40 Petr Stepanek (PPG)

10:12 (LC 0-3 PP): #96 Jarvis Hunt / #73 Gareth O’Flaherty / #12 Nathan Pollard (EHG) 

12:17 (LC 0-4 PP): #2 Tom Norton / #93 Ales Padelek / #29 Will Weldon (EHG)

27:24 (LC 1-5 PP): #93 Ales Padelek / #17 James Ferrara / #36 Joe Hazeldine (EHG)

36:38 (LC 2-6 PP): #77 Martins Susters / #2 Tom Norton (EHG)

43:55 (LC 2-7 PP): #96 Jarvis Hunt (Hat-Trick) / #45 Callum Buglass / #77 Martins Susters (PPG) 

47:34 (LC 2-8 PP): #2 Tom Norton / #17 James Ferrara / #29 Will Weldon (EHG)

51:32 (LC 2-9 PP): #93 Ales Padelek / #29 Will Weldon / #17 James Ferrara (EHG)

Chiefs man of the match: #31 Sam Gospel

Phantoms man of the match: #96 Jarvis Hunt