Phantoms goalie Ryan Bainborough was pleased to claim a victory in his first competitive start of the season. The Phantoms #44 made 25 saves and was named man of the match as the Phantoms beat the Leeds Chiefs 4-2. 

“It was nice to play. I’ll hopefully play a little bit more this year, but I’ve obviously got to give the boys the chance to win whenever I play. Leeds haven’t won yet, but I don’t think that means they’re not a strong side, they’re a really strong side and the league is pretty competitive this year, so you’ve got to be ready. But it was nice to get the win, it was important as well.” Bainborough said. 

“On Wednesday at training Slava told us the plan was to play Marrsy on Saturday and me today, so I had a few days to prepare and I had to be ready, but we got the win today which was good.” He continued. 

The Phantoms split their weekend for the third week in a row after a 5-2 loss in Basingstoke on Saturday night. Bainborough doesn’t think the Phantoms were at their best against the Bison but believes the reaction on Sunday night was the most important thing. 

“It was a funny game, we did well at the end of the third period to get the goal. We stayed in it, but we let ourselves down a bit in the third period. But they’re a tough side, it’s a tough place to play. But the most important thing we did was bounce back at home. With the new league we’ve not got the likes of Invicta in the league this year so it’s important to win at home, which we did.” Said the Phantoms goalie. 

Phantoms head coach Slava Koulikov has been ruing his sides lack of goals so far this term, but Bainborough doesn’t see it being a long-lasting problem. 

“It’s tough early season, we’ve got a lot of goal scorers in the team and some of them haven’t found the net as much as we’d like. But it’s all part of the game, it’s all part of the sport. Martins struggled a little bit and he’s been down on himself, but he scored a big goal tonight (Sunday) and we got the win, so I don’t think it’s a concern or a panic or anything like that. But it’s hockey and you don’t always score as many as you’d like.” Bainborough said. 

And Bainborough doesn’t believe the lack of goals at the other end adds any pressure onto the goalies. 

“We know what we’ve got to do, if we can keep it down to two or three a game, we give ourselves a very good chance to get something from every game to play. I don’t think it adds any pressure because we know what we’ve got to do.” He said. 

Up next for the Phantoms is a trip to Sheffield to take on the Steeldogs, before the MK Lightning make their first trip to Peterborough since they dropped out of the Elite League at the end of last season. Bainborough admits he’d love to play but is just happy to assist Jordan Marr in any way he can.  

“I’d love to play but Marrsy is number one for a reason. As long as I give the boys a chance to win when I play and when Marrsy gets a rest. It’s a tough season and playing 60 games is a lot so if I can give Marrsy a rest to let him play at his best, I’m always there to do so.”